Assembly Plant | General Maker of Terminal Block, Osada Japan

Assembly Plant

Molded bases, screws and other separate parts are delivered to the assembly plant where they are put together to complete terminal blocks.


A great variety of automated mechanisms are used here, establishing a well-organized automatic system that embraces all processes from assembling to quality assurance checking and packaging.

Refer to this section for the list of equipment used in the assembly plant.

  • Assembly and image inspection equipment.
  • Automated machines at the assembly plant are controlled and managed by a small number of staff.
  • A robot inserts screws in the molded base during assembly.
  • We are developping automatic screw tighteningmachines.

List of equipment used in the assembly plant

Equipment Number
Automatic screw tightening machine 26
Tab terminal assembly machine 1
Block assembly semi-automatic machine 2
Terminal block screw tightening machine 2
Bending robot 1
Press-fit system 6
Servo Press 7
Cover drilling machines 1
Inkjet printer 2
Laser marker 1
Screw compressors 1
Vendor 3
Provisional inserted machine 5
Low-temperature tempering furnace 2
PC cover automatic cutting machine 2
Fully automatic press-fit system 1
Tab semi-automatic press machines 2
Automatic packing machine 1
Connecting automatic machine 1
Pre-shipment inspection equipment 1