Mold Plant | General Maker of Terminal Block, Osada Japan

Mold Plant

The company’s mold plant produces and maintains die sets used to manufacture molded parts for terminal blocks.


This plant is fitted with advanced equipment including a 5-axis CNC vertical machining center, still rarely seen even in Japan, and we continue to actively introduce latest technology solutions for developing, designing and manufacturing new products.

Refer to this section for the list of equipment used in the mold plant.

  • Equipped with the “5-axis CNC vertical machining center D500”; this state-of-the-art machine is still rarely used even in Japan.
  • 5-axis technology employs rotation in addition to the conventional three ZYX axes to enable machining complex forms that previously could not be achieved.
  • The newly introduced 3D machining center empowers the development of high-precision molds.
  • The overall quality of the terminal blocks is greatly influenced by the quality of the molds used in their production. Therefore, we always pay utmost attention to the maintenance of the molds.
  • The mold plant is replete with advanced machinery.

List of equipment used in the mold plant

Equipment Number
Five-axis machining center(MAKINO) 1
NC milling machine(MAKINO) 1
Milling machine 1
Wire EDM(Seibu / FANUC) 7
Surface grinding machines(KURODA) 4
Vertical machining center(MAKINO) 2
CNC Jig boring machine(YASDA) 5
Tapping center(FANUC) 4
Small Hole EDM(Sodick) 1
Contour machine(LUXO) 2
Bench lathe(EGURO) 1
Corner cutter(J.A.M) 2
Pincut feather 2
Mold welding machine 2
Double headed grinder 2
Surface plate 1
Precision molds for washing machine 4
3D CAD 9
Microscope measure 1
CMM(Coordinate Measuring Machine) 1