Automatic Lathe Plant | General Maker of Terminal Block, Osada Japan

Automatic Lathe Plant

The automatic lathe plant produces various parts used in terminal blocks. The introduction of CNC lathes has contributed to automation of the manufacturing process with multiple machines being controlled by a small number of operators. We have also put into operation numerous other pieces of hardware, including a centrifuge and ultrasonic cleaning machines.

Refer to this section for the list of equipment used in the automatic lathe plant.

  • An overall view of the automatic lathe plant. Many machines operate 24 hours a day and are controlled and managed by a small number of staff.
  • Complex and intricately formed parts are manufactured on the CNC lathes using the company’s proprietary programming technologies.
  • We consistently carry out everything from design to programming, mass production, and inspection in-house.
  • We are actively introducing new automatic lathes.

List of equipment used in the automatic lathe plant

Equipment Number
CNC automatic lathe 32
Compressor 1
Centrifugal separator 1
Box-type dryer 1
Inserted metal fitting measuring machine 1
Washing machine 1