Molding Plant | General Maker of Terminal Block, Osada Japan

Molding Plant

The molding plant produces molded parts for terminal blocks.


Not only do we use the latest molding machines, but we also take care of the environment through recycling gate runners and other ecological efforts. The molded parts are placed in the trays on the production line with great precision by industrial robots. The molds are placed into an automated storage system after use, which ensures that the limited space of the plant is used most efficiently.

Refer to this section for the list of equipment used in the molding plant.

  • Aggressively invested , it introduced the latest molding machine.
  • All molds used at the molding plant are stored and managed using the automated storage system.
  • Overall view of the molding plant. Applying environment-friendly LED illumination inside the plant contributes to electrical power saving.

List of equipment used in the molding plant

Equipment Number
Injection Molding machine(15t) 2
Injection Molding machine(30t) 3
Injection Molding machine(50t) 5
Injection Molding machine(100t) 10
Injection Molding machine(150t) 2
Injection Molding machine(280t) 1
Injection Molding machine(300t) 1
Vertical injection molding machine(160t) 1
Vacuum-pressure molding machine 1
Dehumidifying dryer 25
Tray feeder 8
Low temperature thermo-hygrostat 2
Mold temperature controlling machine 25
Chiller 23
Crusher 23
Mold automated warehouse 1
Take-out robot 23
Tray dryer 1