Inspection Department | General Maker of Terminal Block, Osada Japan

Inspection Department

The automatic lathe plant produces various parts used in terminal blocks. The introduction of CNC lathes has contributed to automation of the manufacturing process with multiple machines being controlled by a small number of operators. We have also put into operation numerous other pieces of hardware, including a centrifuge and ultrasonic cleaning machines.

Refer to this section for the list of equipment used in the inspection department.

  • The X-ray fluorescent analysis thickness meter allows the prompt measurement of thickness of plating on metal parts used in terminal blocks.
  • The X-ray fluorescence analyzer enables non-destructive RoHS screening analysis and elemental analysis to be performed.

List of equipment used in the inspection department

Equipment Number
X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometer 2
X-ray Fluorescence Analysis thickness meter 2
Paperless Recorders 3
Bench-Top Type Temperature(&Humidity) Chamber 3
Environmental Test Chamber 2
Withstand voltage tester 7
Twisting tester 2
Load measuring instrument 4
Impulse Voltage Generators 1
Electrodynamic Vibration Test Systems 1
Salt Spray Test Instrument 1
Industrial Microscopes 1
Measuring Microscopes 4
Image Dimention Measuring System 2
Manual Floating-type Coodinate Measuring Machine 1
DC stabilized power supply 6